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Me at WordCamp Asia, Thailand

My First Desktop Computer 👨‍💻

My digital journey began when I got my first desktop computer in 10th grade in 2011. It was tough to convince my parents to get me a computer as desktop computers were quite expensive at that time and I didn’t know much about the configuration of hardware/software to go for.

Thankfully, I had a good bond with my Computer Teacher at my school, I discussed with him about my requirements and he agreed to help me build it. After my final exams, I rang him and he got me a custom-built desktop PC that cost me around INR 25k including the 2.1 desktop speakers, multimedia keyboard, and mouse & other peripherals.

Discovered Blogger.com 😎

Soon, I got an internet connection and I was bombarded with a ton of information from the web. I stayed all night exploring things on the internet as I was curious about how websites were built and how content was being published on them. In my quest, I stumbled upon blogger.com a free blogging platform from Google that most of hobbyist writers use and share their experiences and thoughts.

And, in no time I had a static single-page blog of mine on Blogger with a unique web address LIVE on the web. Well, I was on Cloud 9, I had just published my first blog and my name appeared as its author. If you are wondering what was the blog about? It was titled “Movies of Life” where I had written down my experiences with life as a 16-year-old 😶‍🌫️

It was fun for me, I enjoyed exploring the limited features that blogger.com had to offer and eventually customized the blog with cool fonts & backgrounds.

After the summer vacation was over and I was admitted to junior college, I became busy and had less ‘me’ time, but regularly used my computer mostly for watching tutorials on YouTube or researching electronics, an optional subject that I had opted for in my junior college.

Hacked Wifi & Flashed Custom ROMs 😮

After I completed my junior college I decided to pursue engineering but I later dropped out. I made good friends and learned more about tech there. Actually, I regularly visited the library in my college, one book that caught my attention in the library was Computer Networks by Andrew Tanenbaum. It was a gold mine of things related to computer networks that sparked interest in me and I started to learn more about Computer Networks and security.

I tried my hands on Metasploit and Backtrack Linux which later on was rebranded as Kali Linux. I found ways to exploit the Wi-Fi networks of my neighbors, and cracked their Wi-Fi passwords using Dictionary attacks with brute force, Although I had no bad intentions I was just practicing what I learned and building my skills which I thought would help me in emergencies. I even tried my hands on rooting Android phones & flashing custom ROMs and kernels 🤐

All this was happening when I was in my first year of engineering, but I later dropped out and moved on to pursue a degree related to IT which I had an interest in. I switched to the new college and enjoyed my time there, I was learning things that I was interested in and was crazy about. My love for tech deepened and I got interested in web development.

The WordPress Confusion 😕

After I learned the basics of HTML, CSS & JS, I built a small electronics store website hosted locally along with my partner as project. While researching web technologies, one thing that I always used to see on the internet was the word ‘WordPress’. One fine day out of curiosity I tried exploring it. Initially, I was taken to WordPress.com and I liked it.

The next day during my college lecture the professor happened to discuss WordPress, I immediately recognized it and told him how cool it was and better than Blogger which most people find difficult because of less customization & a little learning curve. He asked me how I downloaded the zip and how I configured it. I got confused because the process I had followed was different. Later, I came to know he was referring to WordPress.org and I visited WordPress.com both were different things although created by the same guy – Matt Mullenweg 🤑

After graduating my first job was with an MNC as an IT Helpdesk Associate solving customer queries on system breakdowns, handling support tickets & assigning engineers to visit and resolve the issue on the floor, handling process breakdowns, etc. After working there for 8 months I moved to another company that was in the e-commerce space I worked there for 3 months and left to pursue my interest in Content Publishing as I believed in it and was sure I would make a career out of it someday.

The WordPress Way 🤸‍♂️

Gaining inspiration from Elon Musk. I registered my first domain and started my first WordPress blog which I had hosted using shared hosting it was ‘webisone.com’, a site where I posted tech tips & tricks, and interesting news about the latest trends & gadget launches. My little experience with WordPress and my love for writing got me my first freelance gig from a guy who was the CEO of a company from Bangalore that made software products for WordPress & similar platforms and most importantly they worked remotely. He incidentally found me on a platform for writers where I had published my existing blog article as a sample.

He hired me as a freelancer and requested me to write blog articles for his project. I delivered many articles and after a few weeks, my articles started ranking on Google for specific keywords. Soon, the impressions and clicks on my articles improved indirectly impacting the sales. That project was Quiz and Survey Master a powerful WordPress Quiz and Survey plugin used by thousands of developers, businesses, individuals, institutions, and freelancers on their WordPress websites and the guy was Vikas the CEO.

I was offered a full-time role at that company and I happily accepted it. Thanks to my love of writing & WordPress I got involved in multiple projects for the company. My work was impacting thousands of readers & convincing them to make a purchase.

Currently, I’m actively working with the same company that is expresstech.io and now I’m a Content Marketer taking on multiple Content Marketing responsibilities and managing the content team!


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