Keywords on SERPs

Google is the top search engine that almost everyone is aware of. Every day there are billions of searches happening on Google. Search queries like “best coffee shop in Mumbai”, “how to knot a tie”, “is avatar a good movie”, and “where to find god” (Yeah people do search that😶‍🌫️) searches like these happen daily.

These search queries provide users with the best possible search results from Google. Companies, Professionals, and Businesses are crazy about getting their websites/posts/pages shown at the top of Google searches. It’s a simple math, 90% of the clicks happen on the first page of Google results, general public always prefers clicking on the top search results and this makes businesses tons of money directly or indirectly through product sales, service inquiries, appointments, etc.

This is where I help companies & businesses reach the top of the search results for particular search queries organically/ethically. Here are some of the search queries/keywords which I managed to rank on Google. Although, search results vary from country/location you are accessing. However, most of my keywords rank in US & India both.

You can verify them yourself by searching the keywords in google and you will find blog posts and pages some authored by me and some by our content writers.

  • QSM
  • EF
  • ET
  • RM

I started working on Quiz and Survey Master ( in late 2019, and since then I managed to get multiple blogs & product pages to rank higher on Google. I did this by writing SEO-optimized human-readable content, powerful Content SEO strategy, On-Page SEO, and Off Page SEO. Currently, QSM receives around 70,000 Impressions and 2500 daily clicks.

Following are some of the keywords that I helped rank blogs for:

  • Trivia Questions
  • true or false quiz
  • wordpress exam plugin
  • wordpress assessment plugin
  • how to conduct quiz competition
  • google forms timer / timed quiz google forms

And many more…

Unlike QSM, ExtendedForms ( was different and far younger. The project began in late 2021 and we set up ExtendedForms Blog from scratch with zero articles. After, writing around 80+ high-quality, SEO-focused articles the blog is giving us around 18,000 Impressions and 300 clicks daily.

Following are some of the top keywords ExtendedForms ranks for:

  • likert scale google forms
  • advanced google forms
  • google forms job application
  • customize google form
  • google forms tips
  • auto submit google form
  • google forms customization

And many more…

ExpressTech ( is a company site where we post diverse content. Some of the articles that I had written and published still rank for specific keywords.

Following are the keywords that my articles rank for:

  • wp automatic plugin tutorial
  • google forms job application
  • can google forms detect cheating
  • google forms job application template

And many more…

Responsive Menu ( is a popular Menu Plugin for WordPress. Although, I don’t actively work on this project but a few articles that I wrote in 2021 & 2022 still rank for the following keywords:

  • wordpress hamburger menu
  • wordpress hamburger menu for desktop
  • responsive menu with submenu
  • wordpress accordion menu

And many more…


Do you want to rank your website on Google organically?