My Gears – tech & non-tech

Here is a list of the tech & non-tech stuff that I use and would highly recommend to anyone.

MacBook Air

It is most likely that in 2024 and beyond the MacBook Air M1 2020 will be unavailable/out of stock, in such case you could proceed with the M2 version, and believe me it would be a great investment. Unlike Windows with Intel chips, MacBook Air with MacOS & Apple Silicon is far better optimized & energy friendly. A must-have device if you are in search of a lightweight and sleek laptop in 2024.


Again a super-optimized mobile device – having a combination of MacBook + iPhone 15 + other Apple products makes your life so much easier. The devices sync in real-time and offer amazing handy features, a must-have if you’re planning to upgrade to a new phone.


Want to make your work life simpler? go ahead and buy yourself an LG ultrawide monitor now, having multiple screens is a blessing, and trust me it’ll boost your productivity. Why only ultrawide you may ask, well ultrawide screens allow you to Also, having an ultrawide monitor than a traditional 16:9 monitor makes movie-watching a treat to the eyes, with zero black borders utilizing the whole of your screen.

Bluetooth Speaker

Other than the usual headphones/earbuds one good thing to have is a Bluetooth speaker, I’d recommend Tribit XSound Go it is one of my best investments, the sound is bassy and rich and fills the room just right.