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Attending the GoDaddy Pro Party


Soon, after landing and reaching the hotel, I along with Vikas went on a little adventure. Well, the plan was to attend the Exclusive Godaddy Pro Inaugural Party which was about to happen on a live cruise over the Chao Phraya River. But, we were running late and the location of the party made it even more confusing.

Actually, the WCAsia event which was to happen on 17th Feb was inside the ICONSIAM mall which was near to the party that we were planning to attend. Since it was near we decided to go and check out our booth area and InstaWP swags, gifts that were delivered a day before to the venue.

Vikas and Viraj
A Quick Selfie at the Venue, a day before the event

After taking stock of the booth area and our swag, we left to attend the party. Well, the location was a bit confusing even on Google Maps, we had to go to the opposite side across the river, and walk a few hundred meters. We took a ferry and reached the opposite side, after a few minutes of walking we reached the area and boarded the cruise.

It was a one-of-a-kind experience for me. Meeting & engaging with some of the top folks of the WP ecosystem was a dream.

The GoDaddy Party

The party was nicely arranged, and we were accompanied by cool folks from the WP Industry. Good food, music, drinks & amazing conversations made it even more beautiful. I met many new faces and networked. It was a good entry point of what we were about to witness in the coming days 🥳


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